CakePHP 3 Tutorial

When I learn new things, I like to document what I'm doing to reiterate to myself what I've learned, to keep track of my process and catch errors, and maybe even help someone else. This is my tutorial on building a CakePHP 3 framework application.

Now that your application is up and running, it is time to build your data store and interface with that data.

Now we're going to update our Model to be more useful with advanced Validation.

Now we'll build our Controller to retrieve the data and some Views to display it.

Now that we have a user, complete with username and password, we can add authentication to restrict access to our application.

Now we're going to work on storing our Session information in the database.

With CakePHP 3, time localization is built in. Edit the config/boostrap.pp file and you'll see:

We can Add and Index (list) our users, but we still haven't set up the functions and views to allow editing and viewing our users.

You may have noticed references to password() and reset() functions, which are used to allow users to reset their password.

Elements are reusable blocks of code you can create once and use in multiple places of your site, making it easier to make changes in a single location instead of searching for all the occurrences of the same code.

For ease of access I create a common login/logout block to display on all the pages of my application.

Create src/Template/Element/admin.ctp